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Why The US Military is Studying UFOs

svgFebruary 4,

Strange Sightings off San Diego, CA

  • In November 2004, the US Navy’s USS Nimitz was 100 miles off the coast of San Diego, California.
  • Radar technicians aboard the carrier noticed multiple objects descending from 60,000 feet to 50 feet within seconds, and hovering at times with advanced acceleration capabilities.
  • Two F/A-18s were sent out to investigate and they spotted an object that looked like a cross-shaped object, the size of a massive airplane, submerged in the water with boiling water above it and a white Tic Tac-shaped object hovering just above that.
  • The Tic Tac was 46 feet in length, uniformly white and had no visible propulsion or wings.
  • When the two jets got close to the object, it appeared to be aware of their presence and quickly shot away in less than a half-second.
  • Shortly after the two jets left, the object re-appeared 60 miles away.
  • The Pentagon created a secret program to study these and other sightings after the Nimitz incident.

Evidence-based Sightings

  • In 2004, military observers saw an object they called a “Tic Tac” near the USS Nimitz off the coast of San Diego
  • In 2014, a Navy jet chased a fleet of strange objects on the east coast of the United States
  • In 2015, a Navy pilot captured video of a round object traveling at very high speeds over the water on the east coast of the United States
  • In 2019, Navy sailors aboard a destroyer captured video of a strange object through night vision goggles
  • In 2021, a Navy pilot captured video of a strange metallic blimp, sphere, and acorn

Concerns & Causes for Investigation

  • The US Department of Defense established an official Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force to investigate hundreds of sightings for national security
  • Among the Pentagon’s concerns are that UAPs may be part of a foreign collection program or a major technological advance by a potential adversary
  • Other concerns include the safety of military personnel and expensive hardware

Reports of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena

  • Navy personnel and pilots have been reporting seeing “UAPs” or “UFOs” for a long time.
  • Pilots observed these phenomena were observed so often that they were almost expected and talked about, even without a name for them.
  • The characteristics of the UAPs are usually described as black or dark gray cubes inside a clear or translucent sphere.
  • It wasn’t until a near-crash incident that the Pentagon and lawmakers took these UFOs more seriously and directed a focused effort to determine their origin.
  • Navy pilots have experienced UAP sightings, both on radar and through infrared cameras.
  • There is a real stigma associated with reporting UAPs, which causes many pilots to remain silent.
  • After the near-crash incident, Navy pilots are required to document their sightings in safety reports, making it impossible to ignore or downplay the issue.

Investigating UAPs

  • The US Department of Defense has funded an initiative to investigate and analyze UAP sightings.
  • Data has been collected from multiple sensors, such as pilots, radar, and government personnel and aircraft.
  • The data shows that these UAPs have an impact on air safety and pose a potential security risk.
  • There are inconsistent movements of the UAPs that are not explained by traditional physics or science.

Unidentified Flying Objects and their Analysis

  • In the US Military UFO Task Force report, there are now over 400 reported encounters.
  • Analysis of the encounters reveal that some seemingly strange objects or events can be explained as natural optical illusions, foreign spies, weather balloons, or other objects recorded on specialized cameras.
  • A fascinating case study is the 2004 “Tic Tac” incident, in which four reports and a video describe an object descending rapidly in altitude, hovering, and departing at high velocities.
  • The Pentagon has concluded that most sightings can be explained away by foreign spies or weather balloons but admits that some remain unexplained.
  • When investigating UFOs, it’s important to be wary of stories which often fill in the lack of knowledge with faulty assumptions and wild theories.

Studying UFOs

  • The US military is studying unidentified flying objects (UFOs)
  • Credible sources are unable to fully identify these strange objects
  • People often jump to the conclusion that these objects must be alien spacecrafts, but evidence does not back this up
  • The US military seeks to understand UFOs better and discover what they are, as well as potentially learn something new
  • Data on UFOs is often limited and of low quality

Gaining Insight

  • Analyzing UFO evidence may have implications on safe air travel
  • Understanding UFOs may provide insight on physics and science beyond our present understanding
  • Looking at these phenomena scientifically rather than relying on faith could lead to uncovering of new knowledge

Pentagon Report

  • A Pentagon report released this year detailed 366 UAP reports, the majority of which showed no identifiable source
  • About 171 reports remain unidentifiable and show unusual flight characteristics
  • Pentagon is having discussions with allies to get to the bottom of these UAPs

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    Why The US Military is Studying UFOs