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What is Happening with iPhone Camera?

svgFebruary 3,

iPhone Camera Technology

  • Smartphones use computational photography to create photos instead of just taking light inputs
  • Older phones use small sensors to collect light information, while newer phones use larger ones
  • Tone mapping, noise reduction and HDR processing are used to make the highest quality picture
  • The Pixel 6’s IMX363 sensor achieved success when Google got the software tuning with it just right
  • Google used the same sensor and same software on the 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 5, 5A and 6A, taking advantage of the combination
  • The Pixel 6 used a new sensor and design, shown in its results next to the 6A in the blind camera test
  • Pixel 7 was released a year later and returned to the top
  • The iPhone 14 Pro is the first phone to use a 48MP sensor, which leads to overprocessing in some photos
  • This will be fixed when the iPhone 15 Pro is released a year after the 14 Pro

Software Improvements to the iPhone Camera

  • Apple has implemented features such as Deep Fusion and pixel-binning to improve the camera software
  • Improvements in the iPhone’s camera can be expected from software updates over time
  • All the previous 12 megapixel iPhones have lost out in comparison to other brands in camera tests

What Makes iPhone Camera Technology Different

  • Photos taken on iPhones are not necessarily a capture of reality, as the camera software is designed to interpret what it thinks people want reality to look like
  • The camera software can identify when photos are of landscapes and can adjust the colours accordingly
  • When taking pictures of a human face, the software will try to evenly light the face
  • iPhone cameras have a feature called Real Tone which is designed to handle different skin tones properly

Camera Tests

  • Pixel 6a won a blind scientific camera test but overall camera system trophy went to iPhone 14 Pro.
  • Factors looked at in camera test:
    • Exposure and colours
    • Sharpness and detail
    • Autofocus speed and reliability
    • Camera app open & close time
  • Things not included in camera test:
    • Microphone quality
    • Video quality
    • Autofocus speed & reliability
    • File formats
    • Sharpness
    • HDR

Representing Different Skin Tones

  • Processing is a major factor in the way pretty pictures show up on a phone
  • Quality of the way certain skin tones are represented was a big part of why Marques Brownlee liked RED cameras
  • iPhones manage to accurately represent a lot of different types of skin tone when they could do better
  • Highly considered when ‘blind votes’ were cast

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    What is Happening with iPhone Camera?