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The Voice Assistant Battle! (2023)


  • The virtual assistants were able to easily identify weather queries, with the most popular query being “What’s the weather.”


  • All 4 virtual assistants were able to quickly provide the same answer to standard questions, with the exception of one person’s height.
  • Siri relied heavily on Wikipedia for its answers.
  • Google Assistant was the most likely to provide a nice visual, and give more information than what was asked.
  • Bixby was powered by Google and read the same answer as Google Assistant.
  • Alexa threw in extra information about any Amazon orders, while not providing the same level of detail as the other Assistants.

Device Control

  • All Assistants were able to change the screen brightness (except Alexa).
  • All Assistants were able to open apps with voice command.
  • Setting an alarm was simple for all Assistants.
  • Google and Bixby were able to open the app store.
  • Google and Bixby opened the camera, switched to selfie mode, and took a selfie.
  • Google and Bixby opened Netflix apps and played “Squid Game” from their last, unfinished episode.
  • Google and Bixby opened the voice recording app and started a recording.
  • Bixby also had extra device-specific capabilities, able to reach into apps and perform commands within them.

Vertical Integration

  • With Siri and Google Assistant, vertical integration works great.
  • Bixby has also implemented vertical integration.
  • Alexa does not support vertical integration.


  • Google Assistant is the most successful of all the voice assistants in its understanding and remembering the context and subject of a natural conversation.
  • Siri will tap out after a few questions.
  • Bixby will keep up with the conversation but fails to understand natural language verbally.

Photo Retrieval

  • All voice assistants are capable of searching the web for photos.
  • Bixby however, fails to search through a user’s personal album for photos.
  • Alexa will search for photos through the Amazon Photos app.


  • All voice assistants will work best in their respective ecosystems.
  • If a person is already invested in their ecosystem, it will work best for them.
  • Apple HomeKit is best for Siri and iPhone, Google Home and Google Assistant is best for Google services, and Amazon Alexa is best for Amazon Alexa services.


  • Overall, Google Assistant came out as the most successful.
  • It is the most useful, fast, and well sourced assistant.
  • Siri is in second place if the user is invested in the Apple HomeKit.
  • Bixby came in third as it fails to understand natural language.
  • Alexa is the worst of them all and fails in many areas.

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    The Voice Assistant Battle! (2023)