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The Truth About AI Getting “Creative”

svgFebruary 3,

The Impact of AI on Creative Content Online

  • AI algorithms and machine learning models are capable of some impressive feats
  • Online creators follow a creative process that requires imagination, creativity, and a human perspective
  • AI can’t replace human creators as it isn’t capable of imagination, creativity, and a human perspective
  • AI is a powerful tool that can be used to help creators come up with ideas, develop content, and publish it online
  • AI chat bots, such as ChatGPT, can be used to converse with people and can produce real, unique art pieces

Benefits of AI for Online Creators

  • AI can be used a creative tool to come up with ideas and brainstorm
  • AI can provide helpful facts and data to inspire creators
  • AI can be used as a starting point for content, and then human judgments can refine the content

Potential Dangers of AI for Online Creators

  • Questions about accuracy of AI info – AI content should always be verified for accuracy
  • Complexity of assigning credit – who will receive the credit if AI creates content?

AI Mislabeling

  • AI often mislabel or omit facts, as seen when ChatGPT stated the iPhone 14 Pro had a 12 megapixel camera, despite the fact that it has a 48 megapixel camera.
  • AI can also struggle with simple questions, such as the fastest sea mammal. ChatGPT answered with the peregrine falcon, although it is not a sea mammal. Other answers included sailfish and orca, which are both sea mammals.

AI Art

  • Apps like Lensa AI and Avatar AI use AI to generate art based on the user’s photos.
  • Although the user consents to AI creating art, other artists whose art is used to ‘train’ AI models may not have given permission for their art to be used.
  • One way to spot potentially copyrighted art being used without permission is that mangled recreations of the artist’s signature may be visible, as AI does not understand what a signature is.
  • The debate around what counts as transformative or copyright infringement work is ongoing.

Using AI to Create Artwork

  • AI can be used to create artworks from existing datasets or from existing pieces of art
  • Common Crawl is an example of a free data set, which collects images from the internet, that can be used for AI-created art
  • Avatar AI is a company that is utilizing this free data set and charging people for the resulting artwork, meaning they are profiting from something that was previously accessible for free
  • This raises questions about the legal implications of this AI-created art, as regulations in this area are not yet defined
  • It also raises more philosophical questions such as the definition of creativity and inspiration
  • Optimists might see this type of AI creation as an opportunity to appreciate human-created art more


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    The Truth About AI Getting “Creative”