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Make Money Selling AI Images From MidJourney

Generating Income By Selling AI Images to Adobe Stock

  • Adobe stock allows sellers to upload and sell generative art created from AI tools.
  • Upload submissions should be carefully checked to ensure anatomy is intentional and relevant, that the images provide unique value to the collection, and don’t capitalize on other people’s work or depict subjects or locations in a misleading way.
  • To find art that sells, use the “Insights” section at the top of Adobe stock to view recent top sellers, and note relevant keywords and themes.
  • Images should be upscaled before submitting them to Adobe stock, as the files might be too small.
  • To create stock images, use MidJourney to generate art with relevant prompts based on the top selling images and keywords.
  • Matt Wolfe was able to generate around $47.78 in one month (December 5th-January 8th) with 54 images.

Takeaways from “Make Money Selling AI Images From MidJourney”

  • You can make money selling AI images from MidJourney for a range of purposes such as desktop backgrounds, posters and advertisements
  • Utilise keywords to search for the desired image on MidJourney, e.g. intelligent learning and education
  • Upscale images to remove any unwanted details, e.g. ‘funky text’
  • Consider cropping images once they’re downloaded to remove small borders

Upscaling Stock Images for Adobe Stock

  • Many stock images which you may wish to upload to Adobe Stock may not be up to their standards of quality.
  • To make sure your stock images meet Adobe Stock’s quality standards, you can use a third-party app such as Topaz Photo from Gigapixel. This app uses AI to upscale photos while maintaining their quality.
  • To begin, select your images and set the aspect ratio to ensure that there are no borders hanging off the edges. If you do notice any, use the program to adjust them accordingly.
  • Use Topaz Photo from Gigapixel to upscale your images in bulk. You can drag them over and select the highest quality setting available. This will upscale your images to 4235×2823, meeting the proper resolution requirements.
  • Another available option is to use a free AI image upscaler, such as AI Image Upscale, Clipdrop, Let’s Enhance, Cutout Pro, or Nero Image Upscaler. With these, you can drag and drop your images over and enhance them one at a time.
  • Once you’re satisfied with the quality of your upscaled images, you can upload them to Adobe Stock. Be sure to add titles, keywords, and tags to the images before submitting them.
  • You can use Adobe Stock’s Insights tab to help with the identification of the appropriate keywords.

Making Money Selling AI Images From MidJourney

  • MidJourney is an online platform allowing users to sell images generated with artificial intelligence (AI) to stock photo websites.
  • After signing up with MidJourney, you must begin finding images that work well through the ‘Insights’ option.
  • Prompt the images in MidJourney and remove any borders that may appear around the image.
  • Use either the Gigapixel AI tool or website to upscale the quality of the images.
  • Once upscaled,upload the images to a preferred stock photo website.

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