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Day of Judgement in AI (Islamic)

Artificial Intelligence and Islamic Moments

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to draw Islamic moments.
  • Rose, the AI, is able to do more than what humans can.
  • Muslims were asked to type keywords relating to religion into Rose, and Rose produces images based on those words.
  • There was not an image of Prophet Muhammad to be found in Rose, as it is against Islam.
  • For comparison, a creative designer was brought in to draw the same religious images.
  • Rose was asked to draw realistic scenes such as a mosque in space, a Muslim robot and aliens having dinner with a Muslim family.
  • There was also an attempt to draw Prophet Moses parting the Red Sea with his staff.
  • Finally, Rose was also asked to draw a horrifying image of Judgement Day.
  • Youtube has strict rules to protect Muslim users and has banned any images of Prophet Muhammad or similar.
Prophet Moses parting the Red Sea with his staff.

Day of Judgement in AI

  • AI is being used to draw Islamic moments which could lead us to take some sort of action.
  • Alexa has been liberated, however, the images are still blurry and it is not at a stage of full development.
  • AI has been instructed to draw Hellfire below and Paradise, highlighting that the day of judgement is a real possibility.
Bridge to Hell
  • It is a reminder of the importance of prayers – being the pillars of faith – in order to avoid the Hellfire.
  • Graphic description of the hellfire in Quran is not a sign of Allah’s anger, but his mercy so as to warn us of the consequences.

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    Day of Judgement in AI (Islamic)