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ChatGPT Chrome Extensions and These are My Favorite!

svgFebruary 4,

Merlin Chrome Extension

  • Merlin is a Chrome extension that adds a chat GPT element to your search engine, allowing you to type a query into a search bar and receive a chat GPT response.
  • Merlin also provides shortcuts and a copy option, which allows you to copy the results.
  • The extension is currently free.

AI Prompt Manager Chrome Extension

  • AI Prompt Manager is a mind-blowing Chrome extension that gives users access to a community digest of prompts.
  • This digest acts as a library of templates, sorted by categories like SEO, Copywriting, Marketing, Productivity, and Development.
  • Drill down even further to find deeper level templates in each category.
  • Public prompts are sorted by voting or newest updates, and users can also create and share templates.
  • The extension is currently free.

OutRank Article

  • OutRank Article can be used to help with content creation for a website.
  • It works by inputting someone else’s article URL into the plugin.
  • It then takes the concept of that article and generates a new article for the user to use for their own website.
  • It is important to not copy the article and to instead use the outputted AI article as a starting point.
  • After getting all the basics of the article in, add more prompts and examples to make it rank better.
  • Ask questions in the paragraphs to give more info and detail that readers are looking for.


  • CopyLeaks is a Chrome extension that looks for AI generated content.
  • It allows a user to highlight a portion of their article and copy it into the extension.
  • The extension then scans the content for any AI generated content and alert the user.
  • This is important to ensure SEO ranking does not suffer due to detection of AI content.
  • Asking for more information, examples, and providing detail will help pass the AI detectors, regardless of CopyLeaks or other AI content detectors from Google.
  • Jasper is a writing editor with ChatGPT built-in which can help in this process.
  • It includes templates and power mode to generate AI content, but it is important to provide more prompts, details and examples in order to get the right content to rank.

ChatGPT Chrome Extension

  • ChatGPT is a Chrome Extension designed to help writers produce content quickly and conveniently.
  • It uses a powerful Artificial Intelligence Language Model to process natural language conversation and generate original thought-out content.
  • It allows you to write about topics in a casual friendly tone without sounding robotic, and has two modes; “power mode” and “chat mode”.
  • In “power mode”, you can use pre-made templates to get started more easily.
  • “Chat mode” allows you to ask questions and get answers back from the artificial AI.
  • ChatGPT has several AI content detectors to double check your work, such as and
  • Additionally, it contains an AI Content Improver Template by Jasper that will scan the whole blog or website. It will also check how much of the text is human-generated and give a score.

Inspiration for New Content Ideas

  • Lori Ballen provides a helpful method for generating ideas for blog content.
  • Start by watching someone else’s YouTube video on a topic and then use the transcript and ChatGPT Chrome Extension to generate an outline from it.
  • You could use the outline to generate blog content or check the factual accuracy of any claims made in the video.
  • This method makes it easy to come up with fresh ideas and get credit for referencing the original video by adding a time stamp.
  • The ChatGPT Chrome Extension can also be used to create a description or transcript for the video, as well as provide key points and takeaways.

Using ChatGPT Chrome Extensions

  • ChatGPT Chrome Extensions can help create outlines for blog content and even complete blog posts.
  • ChatGPT for Twitter adds a chat feature to search engines, similar to Merlin.
  • ChatGPT Writer is a useful tool to generate clever responses to reviews based on the words and phrases used.
  • CopyLeaks will help detect plagiarism.
  • ChatGPT Assistant Anywhere allows you to enter a text prompt on any website to open a ChatGPT window and develop content.

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