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Apple HomePod 2 Review: I’m Confused

Apple HomePod 2 Overview

  • The second generation Apple HomePod has a different design, with a tall and stout look, a midnight color and an inset touch surface.
  • A new feature is that the power cable is now removable, but this does not prevent it from leaving a staining pattern on wooden tables when sitting for an extended period of time.
  • The HomePod 2 has two new sensors- a temperature sensor and a humidity sensor.
  • It also includes a sound recognition feature, meaning that if it hears an alarm or a smoke detector, it will send a notification to your phone.
  • The 99 dollar HomePod Mini has the same features as the HomePod 2, and activated by the latest HomePod software update.
  • Inside the HomePod 2 has one woofer, 5 tweeters and 4 far field microphones, compared to the original HomePod with one woofer, 7 tweeters and 6 far field microphones.

Audio Quality

  • The HomePod still has a crisp and balanced sound that is not distorted
  • It produces good low sub-base rumbles even at lower volumes
  • Computational audio adjusts sound based on location of HomePod and shape of room
  • Two HomePods can be paired for a stereo pair, creating a sound that is bigger than expected
  • Supports Dolby Atmos setup
  • Sounds good enough to use as TV speakers but wouldn’t be recommended in larger rooms
  • Impressive feat of audio engineering

Smart Features

  • Quick pairing and beaming feature with iPhone
  • Far field microphones can hear the user from across the room
  • Can use Apple Music
  • Default music app is still unable to be set to Spotify
  • Cannot accept pairing with other devices than iPhone/AirPlay
  • No audio jack
  • No display to show info like running timers or other visuals


  • Recommended to Apple fans who want to hear bad Siri in crystal clear audio
  • HomePod Mini is still available for a lower cost and offers the same features
  • Suggest other options from Google and Amazon for better results
  • Samsung’s large size smart speaker still has not been released

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    Apple HomePod 2 Review: I’m Confused