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Ai tools creators should actually use

Avatar AI

  • Avatars created from apps like ‘Avatar AI’ are becoming increasingly popular on social media such as Instagram.
  • Avatar AI allows you to generate up to 100 AI-generated photos for only 3 USD in a time frame of 20 minutes.
  • These avatars come in a variety of styles and can look extremely realistic, making it difficult to distinguish them from actual photos.
  • Interior AI, another product by Peter Levels, also provides a similar service but this time with your living space.
  • However, with the growing popularity of AI tools, there are risks such as the production of deepfakes and other malicious activities.

Text to Image Generators

  • AI systems that take natural language input and produce realistic images or art are becoming increasingly popular.
  • Stable and Unstable Diffusion are two such examples, with the latter having more malicious applications.
  • Mid Journey is another popular text to image generator, and is currently in a public beta.
  • Your first 25 images are free followed by 10 USD per month for a basic subscription, however if you are associated with a big company you need a corporate subscription.
  • Dolly too, from Open AI, is also in beta and is the least likely of these three to be open source.

Natural Language Processing

  • Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a system to interpret and generate human-like language.
  • As a result, systems can generate written scripts or respond to questions using natural language.
  • Notion AI is using NLP to help writers improve their work, for example by correcting spelling and grammar.
  • OpenAI’s chat GPT is an example of an NLP tool that can respond to questions using natural language.
  • Microsoft is planning to use the AI behind chat GPT in their search engine Bing.

” AI Tools Creators Should Actually Use “

AI tools offer creators new ways to enhance their craft. Bing’s natural language feature provides answers to questions quicker and more accurately than traditional searches.

AI tools can assist creators in video editing, streamlining the process and allowing creative control to be used in more interesting ways. -Squarespace has recently introduced a technology they call the fluid engine, which gives users more control over their website designs than ever before. -Integration with Printful allows Squarespace users to easily sell products on their websites, eliminating the need for a separate platform.

Runway is an AI-based program that offers a variety of features, including text-to-color grade, green screening and motion tracking. -Software like Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve also include AI-driven features such as motion tracking, green screening and text to color grading.

Magic Mask

  • Magic mask is a feature built into video editing programs such as DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • The feature enables users to quickly complete edit tasks.
  • It saves time and effort in the video editing workflow.

Content Aware Fill

  • Content Aware Fill is a video editing feature that is similar to the photoshop tool of the same name.
  • It enables users to remove objects from video with a single click.
  • This feature is found in After Effects and can be used to erase anything from backgrounds to objects.


  • RunwayML is an AI product with the additional ability to ‘paint out’ unwanted objects in a video.
  • This feature can be found in OpenAI, a startup company that competes with other big companies in the AI space.

Character AI

  • Character AI is a product from the company of the same name, which provides the ability for users to generate custom characters to talk to.
  • An Elon Musk character example is given, and users can converse with them about anything.
  • This tool can help entrepreneurs create an engaging conversation experience.


  • Adept is a forthcoming tool that allows users to do any task within any website using natural language.
  • It can, for instance, add a column, add a customer with details, or comment on a YouTube video without a user having to go to the video itself.
  • It uses AI to process these commands, and could revolutionize the tasks users need to do online.

Video AI by Topaz Labs

  • Video AI by Topaz Labs is an AI powered video editor with an array of features.
  • It allows users to take 24 frames-per-second footage and turn it into 120 frames-per-second, giving them the ability to turn regular footage into slow motion.
  • This AI-powered tool ensures that footage looks realistic and the transition from regular to slow motion is seamless.

Nerf Rendering

  • Nerf is an AI-powered technology used to build 3D models from images taken on your phone.
  • It “learns” the colour of each 3D space so that reflections stay the same, even when the object is moved around.
  • This differs from “photogrammetry” used by apps like “Polycam”, which combines a series of images to create 3D models.

Deep Nostalgia

  • “Deep Nostalgia” is an AI-powered app which allows you to turn an old photo into an animated rendering.
  • This can be especially useful for creating documentary videos which feature multiple scenes happening at one time.
  • After effects can achieve similar results, but not without multiple days or weeks of effort.

AI-powered Creation Tools

  • Premiere has a Scene Edit Detection Tool which can be used to generate Clips from an already-exported video.
  • Premiere also has Transcription and Auto extend features which make creative workflow more efficient.
  • Other AI-powered creation tools include “Name Licks”, a business name generator, and “Uber duck AI” which generates audio from text.

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    Ai tools creators should actually use